How Should Sludge Dewatering Machine Cope With Sludge Drying Problems?

The working principle of sludge dewatering machine is the process of thickening, regulating, dewatering, drying or no-burning of sludge. In the process of drying, we will encounter some difficulties and problems. The following sub-edition will share the difficulties of sludge dewatering machine in sludge drying.

In the sludge drying process of sludge dewatering machine, the sludge dewatering machine can only remove the free water between the sludge particles and exists in part of the interstitial water; but for the capillary water and sludge particles, the strong adhesion is more difficult, need to rely on a higher sludge dewatering machine force and energy; because the content of internal bound water and sludge The proportion of microbial cells in the sludge dewatering machine is related to the proportion of microbial cells, which is only the use of sludge dewatering machine to remove this part of the water is not feasible, the need for high temperature heating and freezing measures to achieve sludge dewatering.

One is the thermal drying technology, which can destroy the water-binding morphology of sludge. The thermal drying technology can destroy the bound water in the sludge cells and achieve deep dehydration. This technology can really promote the application of limited geographical area.

Another way is to add chemical salts and lime to the sludge dewatering machine, because the leachate containing chloride ion and high COD will produce a large impact load on the sludge drying, thus achieving the effect of sludge drying.