Industrial Filter Ro Water System

Ro Water System Description
large reverse osmosis systems provide low conductivity water from brackish water.
are ready-to-use, skid mounted, easy to operate.
Compact design, low energy demand and high recovery;
Fully automatic system, microprocessor controlled. 

Ro Water System

Ro Water System

Ro Water System

Ro Water System includes
5-micron cartridge filter;
High pressure pump;
Permeate conductivity indicated in the
front panel display;
High performance Dow membranes;
Fiberglass pressure vessels;
Permeate and concentrate flow meters;
Pressure indicators;
Low pressure switch before the HPP;
Control cabinet fully automatic;
CIP connections;
SS316 piping;
Needle valves, high pressure throttle valve,

high pressure check valve in stainless steel


Feed water quality specifications 
Total dissolved solidsMax. 3000 ppm
pH value2-11
pH short time during1-12
Dissolved ironMax 0.05 ppm
DissolvedMax 0.05 ppm
Chlorine 0 ppm
Oil and grease 0 ppm
Silt Density Index< 3

Ro Water System Options
Feed pump;
Antiscalant dosing system;
CIP station

Ro Water System requires often pre-treatment for the following parameters:
- Suspended solids
- TOC, COD/BOD, oil and grease
- Iron and manganese
- Hardness
provides all kinds of pre and post treatment required before and after your RO, according to your water analysis and process requirements.
Please contact us for further information.

Name: Reverse osmosis membrane
Brand: Hydranautics/DOW/TORAY
Original: America /Japan

Raw water with higher salt content 
Good water conductivity 
Lower investment costs 
Good stability
Small installation area

Ro Water System

Ro Water System

Name: Multi-media filter
Brand: QILEE
Original: China
Suspended impurities in the water, such as quartz sand and anthracite, so that the water can obtain a clear process. The porous material used for filtration is called filter material, and quartz sand is the most common filter material.

Name: Multi-media filter
Brand: QILEE
Original: China
The exchangers installed in the ion exchangers 
are in a fixed position during the exchange process. Such ion exchangers are called fixed beds, and the raw water exchange treatment and resin egeneration after failure are carried out in the same exchanger at different times.

Ro Water System

Packaging & Shipping


Standard export carton packing.


3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.

Ro Water System

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Ro Water System

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