Integrated Sludge Deep Dewatering System

Integrated sludge deep dewatering system

Technology introduction
The technology of integrated sludge deep dewatering combines chemical and physical methods to modify the sludge character. In this processing, nanograde inorganic reagents is used to break adhesive sludge particles into crystal particles quicky, making the absorbed water on the surface of sludge particles and the inner bound water to be free water. The moisture content rate of sludge cake will be 60% or less after pressed under a high pressure of 1.0 to 5.0 MPa by a special stainless steel filter press gradually.
This kind of technology can reduce the moisture content rate from 90% to 60% or less, even can reduce the water content rate of thickening sludge from 97% to 60% directly. The moisture content rate of sludge cake can be even reduce to 20% after natural air drying for 24 hours(in summer or good weather)to 72 hous(in winter or wet weather).
The calorific value of the sludge cake is over 800~1200kcal after dehydration. It can be transported to powder plants or garbage incineration power plant to generate electricity by burning with coal or household garbage (usually burning 4~5 tons of mud cake can save 1 ton of standard coal).It can also be used for landfill cover soil, then solve sludge secondary pollution thoroughly.
The sludge deep dewatering transfers the sludge to crystal structure and changes its microstructure, making the mud respiratory. Degradation of sludge changes from anaerobic process into aerobic process. The generation of odor is greatly reduce after the reaction of modifier with the odor source in sludge, such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other structures the coating of inorganic substance.
99% sludge dewatering water by weight than the original sludge decreased more than 70%, the volume is reduced by 60%.

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