Microprocessor Online Ph Meter Of Water Treatment

Microprocessor online pH meter of water treatment


Online pH meter Features:

96 x 96 mm smart pH/ORP transmitter

Waterproof design, suitable for panel mounting

Large LCM display with Chinese and English, backlight switchable

Easy to operate with graph-text menu and procedure instruction

Time washing function with programmable time interval

Provide solution grounding function to eliminate electricity disturbance on sample

Automatic calibration; automatic/manual temperature compensation


Online pH meter Applications:  

Widely used in environment-protection water treatment, surface water, pure water and circulation water systems etc.;as well was electroplating, electronics, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceuticals fields; perform excellent in wastewater treatment, pollution source monitoring and industry processes etc. 


Online Specifications:

Model PC-100 PC-100RS
Measuring Ranges pH -2.00~16.00 pH
ORP -1999~1999 mV
Temp -30.0~130.0℃
Resolution pH 0.01pH
Temp 0.1℃
Accuracy pH 0.01pH±1Digit
ORP   1mV±1Digit
Temp  0.2℃±1Digit
Temperature Compensation Automatic temperature compensation with Pt1000/Pt100 dual mode
Manual adjustment
Relay Output Hi/Lo contact and hysteresis programmable
Wash Contact Programmable time control; compatible with Hi/Lo
Analog Output 2 sets of isolated 4~20mA output corresponding to pH/ORP/temp. setting
Serial Interface - RS-485 Modbus
Solution Grounding Eliminate electrical disturbance on solution
Ambient Temperature -20~60℃
Power Supply 88~265V AC, 50/60Hz; or 24V DC
Dimensions 96mm x 96mm x 130mm (H x W x D)
Cut off Dimensions 93mm x 93mm (H x W)
Installation Panel mounting
Ingress Protection IP65

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