Miniature Double Diaphragm Caustic Metering Pump

Caustic Metering Pump

Caustic Metering Pump widely used in water treatment process such asmunicipal tap water,swimming pools, urban sewage, industrial effluent and kinds of chemical dosing,etc.

Typical Applications
·pH adjustment
·Hypochlorite disinfectants
·Dyes and ink
Technical Specification
·Flow rate:2~4900L/h
·Max.discharge pressure:10 Bar
·Turndown Ratio:10:1
·Stability accuracy:±2%
·Max.suction lift head:3m
·Max.suction pressure:2 Bar
·Max.liquid temperature:45℃
·Max.viscosity:up to 1200cP 

Liquid End Features
·LE material:PP;PVC;PVDF;316SS
·Diaphragm material:PTFE
·Ball check material:Glass;Ceramic;316SS
·Special designec valve seat to ensure no leakage wether the pump running or stopping
·Variety of critical applications of pump head configuration:
High viscosity,pulp,concentrated sulfuric acid,sodium hypochlorite,etc.
·Self-cleaning check valve structure

Drive Unit Features
·Variable eccentric adjustment stroke length to smooth pulsation impact of flow rate.
·Robust structure design suitable for pulse impact and harsh operating conditions
·Sliding bearing and high intensity wearable worm gear ensure stable long-term operation.

Adjustment Options
Manual Adjustment:wethwer the pump running or stopped
·Minimum adjustment scale is 1%
Electric Stroke Controlller:external control signal adjust stroke length
·Power Supply:220V-50Hz,1 phase
·Input Signal:4-20mA
·Output Signal:4-20mA/1-5V feedback signal.
Frequency Inverter:external control signal,adjust stroke speed
·Input Signal:4-20mA

Caustic Metering Pump's code and performance
Caustic Metering Pump
Caustic Metering Pump

Caustic Metering Pump outline drawing
Caustic Metering Pump
Caustic Metering Pump


Packaging & Shipping


Standard export carton packing.


3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.

Caustic Metering Pump 

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Caustic Metering Pump

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