Sewage Treatment Sludge Drying Machine Q-h-2-2

Product Description

Heat pump 
Sewage treatment sludge drying machine

Product features:

1.The water content rate of the discharged sludge can be less than 30%. And the maximum sludge volume reduction can be more than 80%.

2.High dehumidification efficiency by using multi-level energy saving technology, can save more than 50% energy compared to traditional drying.

3.No dry exhaust emissions, no need to allocate tail gas purification device.

4.It is running in a full sealed device with low temperature 50-75℃. Sludge is in granules after drying, almost no dust will generate.

5.High thermal efficiency. Use the latest multi-level energy-saving technology to save operating costs.

6.It is designed in module and easy to install in site. Made of stainless steel ensures the service life more than 15 years and it occupies a small area.


Product Description


Type of sludge: Biochemical sludge
machine used: belt press
Wet sludge capacity
: 100t/d
Moisture rate before drying: 85%
Mositure rate after drying: <10%

Type of sludge: PTA sludge

Dewatering machine used: belt press

Wet sludge capacity: 35t/d

Moisture rate before drying: 80%

Mositure rate after drying: <10%

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