Sing Bag Filter Housing

Sing bag filter housing

Bag filter housing can effectively remove particles of different sizes in liquid,so as to achieve the purpose of liquid filtration,purification,separation and recovery.According to the size of the flow can choose a single bag or multi bag,because of large flow,small filtration resistance,high filtration efficency,which is widely used in a variety of industries.

1.Material:SS304、316L、PP、UPVC、carbon steel、etc.
2.The filtering area:0.5m2、0.25m2、0.1m2, can be customized


Widely used in chemical industry、industrial wastewater、microelectronics、power plants、textile dyes、papermaking、water prefabricated、paint and ink、food and beverage、cosmetics、chemicals、petroleum products、electroplating、hot solvent、emulsion、ultrasonic cleaning machine、high pressure cleaning machine、industrial water、paint、ink、wax and other industry pre filter or filter.

  Technical Parameters 
Design pressure:0.6~1.6Mpa 
Sealed form:O Type Ring 
Bag material:PP、PE、NYLON、PTFE、Stainless steel etc. 
Surface treatment:Matt jet beads、Mirror polishing、Electrolytic polishing 
Filter accuracy:1um~1000um Optional 
Filter material:SS304、316L、U-PVC

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