Wastewater Treatment Online Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Wastewater treatment online dissolved oxygen analyzer


Online dissolved oxygen analyzer Features:

144 x 144 mm microprocessor D.O. transmitter

Waterproof design, suitable for wall/panel/pipe mounting

Large LCD to display working status

Time washing function with programmable time interval

Compatible with France PONSEL fluorescence method sensors

Combination keys to access Setting and Calibration mode to improve parameter protection 


Online dissolved oxygen analyzer Application:

Widely used in wastewater treatment, river section, surface water, underground water and mariculture (titanium material)


Online dissolved oxygen analyzer  Specifications:

Model DO-2200
Measuring range O2 0.00~50.00mg/L
Air 0~500%
Temp. -30.0~130.0℃
Resolution O2 0.01mg/L
Air 0.1%
Temp. 0.1℃
Accuracy O2 ±1%±1Digit
Air ±1%±1Digit
Temp. ±0.2℃±1Digit
Temperature Compensation -5~+55.0℃ automatic compensation
Relay Output Hi/Lo contact and hysteresis programmable
Wash contact ON:0~999sec./OFF: 0~999hours/hysteresis: 0~99sec.
Time interval programmable
Analog Output 2 sets of isolated 4~20mA output corresponding to DO, temp. setting
Serial Interface RS-485 Modbus
Ambient Temperature -20~60℃
Power Supply 88~26V5 AC, 50/60Hz; or 24V DC
Dimensions 144mm x 144mm x115mm (H x W x D)
Cut off Dimensions 138mm x 138mm (H x W)
Installation Wall or Panel or Pipe mounting
Ingress Protection IP65

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