Milk Plant Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Machine

Product Introduction

Milk plant wastewater sludge dewatering machine

1.The principal part adopts stainless steel as its material and possesses high strength. It is rust-less.

2. The filter cloth  imported from Swiss, to provide the best performance and long service life.

3. Air chamber type automatic deviation correction device is set to assure stable running of the filter cloth.

4. Great product capability, good washing effect, flexible operation, low containing moisture in cake and low maintain expense

5. Low energy consumption,high efficiency ,low revolutions,low noise75dB(A)

6. Safety system monitor the entire working environment,automatic stopping devices to satisfy the need of operation security.

Product Parameters




Data Sheet


Product Flowchart

Product Addlication

1.    Sludge dewatering of various industrial waste water.

2.    Sludge dewatering of butchery, husbandry.

3.    Slurry and water separation in food& beverage industry, chemical industry, mining and other industries.

4.    Sludge dewatering of city sewage, excretion, water purifying industries.


Product Processing


Product Examples




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